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Box Of 10 Firerose Nova 600 Puffs Disposable Vape | Best Price

Box Of 10 Firerose Nova 600 Puffs Disposable Vape | Best Price

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  • Duration Approx: 600 Puffs
  • Battery Capacity: Integrated 500mAh Battery
  • E-Liquid Amount: 2ml Capacity of Pre-filled E-Juice
  • Nicotine Strength: 2% Salt Nicotine Strength 
  • A Burst Of Flavor In Every Puff !
  • Puff Up For A Great Time
  • Portable & Lightweight Chassis
  • The Ultimate Mesh Coil Experience
  • Draw activated

The Firerose Nova 600 Puffs Disposable Vape is an advanced yet convenient device, made for vapers who appreciate quality without compromising convenience. We will explore its specifications, features and exceptional vaping experience during our detailed review of this box of 10 disposable vapes.

Extended Puff Count

One of the Firerose Nova 600 Puffs Disposable Vape's standout features is its impressive puff count - at an estimated 600 puffs per device, this box of 10 disposables ensures an extended vaping session while eliminating frequent replacement needs. Perfect for vapers who enjoy uninterrupted enjoyment of their favorite flavor!

Robust Battery Capacity

Every Firerose Nova features an integrated 500mAh battery for optimal use of its 2ml capacity pre-filled with e-liquid. Though non-rechargeable, its long-lasting nature makes this device an excellent choice for users who prioritize convenience.

Flavorful Pre-Filled E-Juice

Firerose comes pre-filled with 2ml of flavorful e-juice that delivers a consistent and rich vaping experience, eliminating refills, leaks, or maintenance hassles from vaping sessions. Each puff remains flavorful as its predecessor.

Burst of Flavor

The Firerose Nova is designed to deliver an intense taste experience when each puff is taken, from fruity blends and menthol flavors, to dessert tastes and beyond. No matter which e-juice you choose, this device delivers intense and enjoyable tastes true to each chosen e-liquid flavor.

Ultimate Mesh Coil Technology

Mesh coil technology elevates the overall vaping experience by optimizing flavor and vapor production. Utilizing this feature, the Firerose Nova ensures every inhale provides authentic flavors with satisfying vapor clouds for an enhanced vaping journey. It adds depth and richness to every inhale experience!

Draw Activation

The Firerose Nova's draw-activated feature makes its operation simpler. There are no buttons to press; taking a breath activates it. This user-friendly approach ensures that vapers of all skill levels can enjoy using it.

Box Of 10 Firerose Nova 600 Flavours Wholesale:

  1. Cherry Ice: Cherry Ice is an irresistibly refreshing flavor that perfectly balances sweet and tart cherry essences with the cooling burst of menthol, creating an invigorating sensation when vaped, giving vapers the invigorating sensation of biting into chilled cherries while enjoying fresh air from its cooling properties. Cherry Ice makes an excellent pick for anyone who appreciates the contrast between sweet and icy flavors, providing an energizing and revitalizing vaping experience.
  2. Strawberry Ice: Strawberry Ice is an inimitable combination of succulent strawberries and exhilarating menthol for an intoxicating vaping experience. Each puff delivers authentic fresh-picked strawberry flavors for an authentic fruit experience, and the addition of refreshing menthol provides a cool yet frosty sensation that makes Strawberry Ice an irresistibly refreshing choice. Strawberry Ice makes an excellent choice for vapers who desire that unique combination of sweet fruitiness and cold freshness!
  3. Ice Pop: Ice Pop is a nostalgic flavor that brings back fond childhood memories of frozen treats like popsicles. Combining multiple fruity notes for an appealingly fruity yet sweet and icy experience. Every inhale brings back childhood popsicle memories as its fruity sweetness hits like an icy breeze; when mixed with its invigorating menthol undertone, making Ice Pop an enjoyable, appealing choice that caters to vapers of all ages and brings them closer together through memories of summer days and frozen treats

Final Conclusion:

Overall, the Firerose Nova 600 Puffs Disposable Vape offers the ideal blend of convenience and flavor. Boasting an impressive puff count, robust battery capacity, pre-filled e-juice cartridges, mesh coil technology, user-friendly draw activation features and flavor bursts in every puff, it ensures a hassle-free yet delightful vaping experience for its user base.

Firerose Nova provides an effortless yet flavorful vaping experience, ideal for traveling or simply those seeking something hassle-free and flavorful. Available in 10 disposable flavors to match any mood or preference. Enjoy its ultimate mesh coil experience and convenient draw activation - making this an exceptional choice for those who seek quality, flavor and simplicity in their vaping journey.

Firerose 600 Contains:

  • 10 X Firerose Nova 600 Puffs
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